Key Services Offered by Landscaping Contractors Auckland

When trying to figure out what a landscaping contractor can do for your compound, you can only be limited by your imagination. The professionals can create that jungle environment using some overgrown greenery and shrubs or they can create that clean patio that is surrounded with some waterfalls and rock gardens.

The job of the landscaper is to ensure that not only is the yard beautiful but it looks like a complete work of art, making people to stop and admire the natural beauty. The professional will also ensure that you have a functional lawn that is also quite beautiful. You need a beautiful yard where you can spend your time and enjoy life.

Paving Patios and Driveways:


Paving driveways, walkways and patios is one of the most overlooked thing that many people overlook when thinking about landscaping companies. However, there are many companies that specialize in the areas. If your landscaper is not in a position to pave your driveway, they should at least be in a position to install that simple concrete to create a good walkway. Walkways are a good way of making your landscape more appealing and can provide you with an even more appealing way of enjoying the surrounding area.



This is another key element that is beautiful and practical. This is also something that can be done by the landscaping company. Ensuring that there is ample lighting is a good way of ensuring warmer lights when you are planning to sit on your deck for diner or have your friends come for a pool party. There are different options for lighting the landscape such as string lights, post lights, lanterns or spotlights that can be used to light the larger areas.

Planting Flowers and Trees:


One of the key jobs of a landscaping contractor Auckland is to plant the different plants, flowers and shrubs. They will not only dig on the flower bed but will also ensure regular bed maintenance.

Lawn Maintenance:

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The basic job of any landscaping contractor is to cut the lawns. This may include other jobs such as pulling weeds and trimming bushes. When you hire a landscaping company, they will perform these basic jobs on your behalf if you already have a lawn but you do not have the time to maintain it. However, it is important for you to research the company well to ensure that not only are they legitimate but they are also licensed and insured.


Auckland Landscape Design ideas For Winter in Auckland

Auckland Landscape Design ideas For Winter in Auckland

The winter season confines most people indoors because of the very cold temperatures outside. Many would like to spend their time near open fire as they sip warm drinks. The drop in temperature leads to a drop in the desire of getting outdoors to the nearby gardens. However, the garden at your home does not have to be bare and dry during this cold season thanks to the modern innovative Auckland landscape design options.

The winter garden may lack the flowers which the spring season brings and may also lack the lush abundance present during the summer time foliage. However, there are many options flowering shrubs, trees and winter annuls which can bring fun, beauty and life in to the home garden during the winter season. A professional landscape designer can help you create an ideal winter garden that provides interest and color during the cold season.

The Need For Planning:

During the cold and rainy days, it may look like the summer season will never come. However, this is the right time to seek to consult Auckland landscape architects and begin planning what need to be done that time and in the future. With a professional landscaper, the garden can be kept looking great all year round. This works well whether you have existing garden which need to be renovated or have new landscaping site which needs to be designed from scratch. The landscape architect will create plan which you can use for structuring and laying out the garden during the winter.

Create The Winter Colours:

For quick fix it is recommended that you add instant garden color in the areas of your home the the perennials may have just gone dormant or in the areas where there are spaces around the shrubs and trees. Modern landscape design involves flowers and if you love them, Pansies, Primulas, Poplyanthus and the other winter annuals are readily available to give your garden the much needed lift.

You can get Pansies in various sizes and colors and so you can easily plant them using your preferred color schemes. Just for quick fix, you can create colorful entrance area by using Polyanthus. You can also try the white Primula’s which are characterized by their dainty open flowers. These should be planted in larger drifts under the trees or simply as soft filler just behind the crisp clipped formal plant or hedging in large containers for decks and courtyards.

The Beauty of Shrubs and Trees:

These should never be left out in landscape design Auckland. Go for Birch tree, Maple or the paper bark trees which peel to produce colorful and beautiful display on their bark. The evergreen trees should also be included as they add texture to the landscape design. Banksias, Tuis, Leucadendrons, and Proteas are some of the trees that do very well in Auckland.

Is Hiring A Landscaping Company Auckland For Maintenance A Wise Idea?


Is Hiring A Landscaping Company Auckland For Maintenance A Wise Idea

According to most people, you should only hire a landscaping company Auckland when you want to undertake major landscaping project. However, you need landscaping company for maintenance just the way you need it for the planning and execution of the plans.

The Need of Maintenance:

Most of the landscaping services in Auckland are what is known as the soft landscaping meaning that plants form part of the whole process. If you hire these landscapers to select the right plants and plant them then you take the task of maintaining, you may end up losing it all. An Auckland landscaping company maintenance services will ensure that these plants are kept healthy all the time. The maintenance services also include ensuring that the entire landscape is kept and maintained in environment friendly, healthy and clean state. In landscape maintenance, the landscaper should do the following in order to ensure that the landscape work is sustainable.

  • Cost effective – how long will it cost to maintain the landscape? Some landscaping options may look nice but may be costly to maintain and thus not good options.

  • Effective service of intended purpose – what are the goals that you intend to achieve with the landscaping? This will determine whether you need hard landscaping (pavements, path ways, walls, lighting, etc.) or soft landscaping (gardens, fence hedging etc.) or a combination of these two.

  • Appealing to the eyes – this is the main purpose of landscaping in Auckland. If it is not appealing to the eye, then it is not worth being referred to as landscaping at all. Everything in landscape should be placed where it is supposed to be. Remember that modern landscaping takes a wide approach and may involve painting works, construction of decorated walls, grass lawns, fruit farm, laying and marking of pavements, sheds, etc. All these should be arranged to ensure they are attractive to the eyes.

  • Environment friendly  Most landscaping companies are members of the green society and so they attach a lot of significance to environment protection. Anything in the landscaping arena should be friendly to the environment. For this reason, plants and flowers used in modern landscaping Auckland are those can grow without or with minimal need of fertilizers and without the need of application of pesticides and other chemicals.

  • Easy to maintain – this is important. Anything used in landscaping should be easy to maintain in order to meet the important factor of being cost effective for the homeowner.

Should You Hire a Company For Maintenance?

The answer is yes, in view of what is discussed above. In a typical landscaping in Auckland maintenance service, the practice used include mulching, mowing, weed control, application of fertilizers, daises and pest control, pollution and waste management and irrigation or watering.

3 Landscape Gardeners Auckland Ideas For Small Spaces

While many residents of Auckland would like to have beautiful gardens around their homes, lack of space acts as the biggest barrier to their dreams. However, professional landscape gardeners Auckland can work on any area, including where you think limited spaces makes it difficult or impossible to some great stuff.

In fact, according to the leading gardeners in Auckland, the confined space not just makes the work easier but also means less labour for them. One amazing way you can turn small garden in to a productive area through landscaping is by growing vegetables. From herbs to fresh summer fruit to fancy lettuce, you will definitely be impressed by the many things you can do at the small garden at your home if you choose the right landscape gardening services in Auckland. All you need to do this is some few items which can be recycled, and some few affordable purchases.


The Tiered hanging garden:

This is an amazing garden landscape Auckland which professional landscapers and even homeowners who want to do it themselves should consider. In all situations where the space is limited, vertical gardening applications should be considered because they work very well. Many things can be used to set up spouting garden such as old pots, old clothes drawers, old wooden crates, wooden planter boxes, old spouting, etc.

All you need is just creativity and you are good to go. Weight is the factor you need to consider in setting up this type of garden for landscaping Auckland. The garden will increase its weight after it has been watered. Use strong hooks and suitable chain or rope to secure the garden properly. For those who do not like the idea of growing vegetables, sprouting garden works very well with the growing of flowers.

IMG_0673The Spouting garden:

The spouting garden another amazing landscape design ideas you can try at home. Although the design takes very small space, its great harvest and yield will amaze you. To get this garden, acquire lengths of new or old spouting then horizontally mount it along your house’s sunny side. After firmly mounting the spouting garden troughs you can use soil and plant to fill them.

You can then grow strawberries, chives, radish, herbs, lettuce or any other small plants you’d like to grow. Ensure the plants you grow are ones which will not be cumbersome during their growth. Spouting garden offers yet another benefit in that if it is properly positioned, the water dew which flows off from the surface of your house will water them during the night.
The Shoe organizer garden:

A professional landscaping gardener Auckland can help you set up a customized shoe organized garden which suits your needs. Just buy shoe organizer from your local store and fill with soil any spot where you would ordinarily place shoes. You can then plant spinach, lettuce, strawberries or even your favourite flowers and have an amazing garden!

Information to Guide You on How Landscaping Company Auckland Price Their Services

We all know that hiring Auckland landscaping company is important if you need quality design work. However, there are many myths surrounding the manner in which these professionals charge their services. Regardless of how often it is stressed or advised that you need not base your decision to hire based on the lowest, or that you should not hire based on the cost factor only, everyone would like to know how much it will cost them for a particular service.

How Landscaping Company Auckland Price Their Services

The following are the four factors which determine how much the landscaping service will cost you.

Amount of labour.

In most cases, when you offer to hire a Landscaping Company Auckland, it will offer to visit your site in order to determine the number of people and the period of time required to maintain it. Definitely, more people and longer duration means higher cost for the service. In property which has a lot of pests, trees, beds or has rough terrain, the landscaping will take more time working on it and that may mean higher costs.

The number of visits to the site:

Do you want the crew to work on your property twice a month, once a week, every day, or on some other account? The frequency of visits definitely affects the cost of landscape maintenance. Each single visit means the landscape designer, Auckland will use equipment, time and gas. All these are expenses for the landscaping business, and definitely they will be factored when the landscaping company is deciding how much it will charge you for its services.

The frequency of visits by the landscaping company depends on your needs and expectations. The landscapers may have to visit often if your site has high traffic areas or many high-maintenance plants. However, it will cost you less if you just want the grass to be edged or mowed just once in a week. If you want the landscaping work completed within short strict deadline, then that may have impact on the overall cost of the services because the landscapers may have to work for longer hours and also over the weekends and holidays in order to get the job done.

Size of property or field:

This is a visible factor in determining the cost of landscaping services Auckland. The size, ease of access and ease of maintenance are all factors which determine how much it will cost you to have the site landscaped.

Services ordered:

There are many services you can request from landscaping companies, ranging from irrigation management, shrub and tree pruning, fertilizer and pesticide treatments, blowing, integrated pest management, edging and mowing. Each of these tasks requires specific personal and equipment to be moved to the site and this definitely has cost implications.

Pros & Cons of Landscaping Services

The smell of fresh cut grass is addictive but that can’t be an excuse to start a landscaping business.

There are enough opportunities in this sector which can be expanded for specific desires and needs. Before you plan to start a business in landscaping you should be well aware of these Pros and Cons.

Pros of Landscaping Business:

Repeat & Stable Business: Caring of a lawn is never ending. Your customers will require your services again and again. So if you could do the job right at the first place, you are likely to get business for a long period.

Selling Consumables: Apart from lawn mowing your customers will need other consumables like manure, fertilizers, pesticides, weed and bug treatment after every 4-6 weeks. These products are consumable hence can turn it into a profiting business.

Customizable: You can tailor this business in any form. Either you can be a sole owner of your business or can become a middle man who does all the genius work behind marketing and managing multiple lawn mowing teams just by working from home office. You can take residential, commercial or both properties to maintain.

Entry-Level Labour: The employees required for this job does not need any professional education. So you can easily scale up anytime and you will not have to bear on recruiting costs or expensive training.

Seasonal: This is worth a job who has a summer off so you can try out some hands on to understand the business.

Cons of Landscaping Business:

Start-Up Expenses: There are various lawn mowing ways, so you should have the in-depth knowledge. You can have a look on landscaping services provided by some renowned companies. Different techniques require different equipments for mowing. In some case you have to take care about transporting the equipment by yourself. So you should be ready with upfront cash in hand.

Competition: You should search around your area and figure out the number of lawn care businesses. It would be beneficial if you could get their pricing and quotes for different landscaping methods in order to check the competition. More likely you have to cut your costs to compete in the market.

Economical Risk: In case there is recession in your town due to some unexpected reasons then local residents may cut the monthly expenses. Hence they might not find the lawn mowing on priority and you may start losing your clients for an uncertain period.


Landscape Solutions That Discover The Full Potential Of Lawns

When landscape designers are employed to take care of a lawn, they identify the problems and look for realistic remedies to restore a landscape. Too much thatch on a lawn can reduce the aesthetic value and health. The following are some of the solutions that are geared towards upgrading of a landscape.

Landscaping Company Auckland

  • Aeration

Aeration builds a healthy lawn as it reduces the congestion of soil particles and alleviates excess thatch allowing proper infiltration of oxygen, nutrients, and water into the roots. This creates robust root systems of trees, flowers, and grasses hence vibrant colors on the surface. If grass attains strong roots, it is able to cope well with dry spells and this adaptation conserves water because little water is sprinkled.

  • Sod Installation

Landscaping should create lawns of low maintenance and accomplish comprehensive works encompassing grass removal, tilling, leveling, and sod installation. Sod is installed on growing periods whether there is heavy or moderate rainfall. Sloppy lands are good areas for laying sod. Sod alleviates muddy issues as the grass blossoms.

  • Seeding

Seeding is done on timely basis preferably at the onset of rainfall. Late summer is a perfect moment for turf planting. This enables the grass to be well-established before winter steps in. To ensure robust germination of seeds, planting should be conducted on cool temperatures like during the evening.

  • Hydro-seeding

This is a fast and affordable method of establishing a new lawn. Quality seeds, ample water, and appropriate growing conditions are employed. Mulching is done to conserve soil water, insulate, and prevent soil erosion. After a while, mulching materials become organic matter after decomposing. Hydro-seeding ensures that grass germinates within a week or so. Optimal tillage must be done to ensure a lush lawn.

  • Synthetic grass

When artificial turf is grown, little maintenance is needed. It stays longer than normal grass and its drainage is superb. Its appearance remains neat. With artificial grass, there is no need for mowing, watering, weeding, fertilization, muddy problems, and the pets don’t get dirt.

  • Drainage

Landscaping designs need to establish a drainage system suitable for the needs of a land or property.  Drainage system is meant to regulate the flow of water into a lawn. Water is a fundamental aspect in the growth and development of a lawn but excess water retention on land is very risky.

Drainage systems control storm runoffs. Runoffs cause tremendous soil erosion and cause sedimentation of water reservoirs thereby reducing the quality of water. Proper drainage guarantees optimal infiltration, distribution, and detaining of excess water.

Landscape solutions in Auckland guarantee proper growth and development of a lawn through correct maintenance and nurturing.